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14/05/2019 10:30 | Social / Squad

C.D. Leganés contributes 127 million euros to the economy of the city

The second of the results listed in the Corporate Social Responsibility report assigned by C.D. Leganés to an independent consulting firm that values the club’s economic production and its great financial health. The value generated by C.D. Leganés during the 2017/18 increases to 127.4 million euros. For every euro earned by C.D. Leganés, there are 1.42 euros generated for the economy.

13/05/2019 10:30 | Social / Squad

C.D. Leganés has assigned a consulting firm to study the economic, media and social impact of the Club in the city of Leganés and will share results in the following days.

C.D. Leganés has been growing little by little during the last ten years. Prior to what will be a fourth season in first division, the team has decided to assign a consulting firm to study the economic, social and media impact. This way, it is intended to value the contribution of the club to the society, economy and territory of the city of Leganés.

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12/06/2019 13:17 | / Squad

New C.D. Leganés Business Club

C.D. Leganés presents, with the objective of creating a business network and in a continuous search for new opportunities whose link is the club, C.D. Leganés Business Club.

11/06/2019 20:45 | Squad

C.D. Leganés and Ezequiel Muñoz part ways

C.D. Leganés has reached an agreement with Atlético Lanús for the transfer of Ezequiel Muñoz, Argentine 28-year-old central defender. The defender has played a total of 22 matches with the cucumber shirt in the two seasons he has played in the club.

08/06/2019 12:01 | Squad

C.D. Leganés signs the goals of Juan Muñoz

C.D. Leganés and A.D. Alcorcón reach an agreement for the transfer of Juan Muñoz. The 23-year-old striker signs until 2023 and arrives to the cucumber team after completing a great season in the yellow team, where he scored 14 goals.

03/06/2019 11:02 | Squad

C.D. Leganés signs Jonathan Silva until 2023

C.D. Leganés reaches an agreement with Sporting Clube de Portugal for the transfer of Jonathan Silva. The 24-year-old Argentinian left-back, who has been this season under Mauricio Pellegrino’s orders, signs until 2023.

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