Mehdi Nafti: "We're Leganés and we can't be happy with just one point at home”

C.D. Leganés manager, Mehdi Nafti, stopped by the press room after the Pepineros’ Buatrque game this Sunday S.D. Ponferradina that finished all square at the final whistle (1-1) after Quintillà’s equaliser.

The coach was unsatisfied to have only won one point: “As a competitor you’re never content with a draw and much less at home. The team started the match well, but it was very even and in the last few minutes we gave away enough fouls around the area to start to scare, but it ended all right. I would have liked to see us damage the opponent a little more in the second half, but I hope we’ll appreciate this point by the end of the season. We’ll keep working. It’s another point, but as a competitor, you always want more”. The manager acknowledged the squad’s huge effort to pull back the result, but as a home fixture, it would not do: “If I accept the point, then I’d feel like I’m just rolling over and I’m not. It’s good that we congratulate their commitment, yes. But to draw at home, to me, will always mean dropping two points. We’re Leganés and we can’t be happy with just one point at home”.

"We have a large squad and they all have the quality to deserve a look in"

On how Naim and the other academy call-ups performaed: "Naim's played well in a few games and as I've said, I'm here to open doors. If he demonstrates that ability to play, it's up to me to give him the game time. The boy gave a proper account of himself. Our experience got away from us with those fouls at the end and it's a match that will have taught them a lot. But they all deserve to play, we have a large squad and they all have the quality to deserve a look in".

The boss' attacking approach in the second half had been to play in behind the visiting centre backs, especially with Arnaiz's advanced position: "We tried to leave Arnaiz up top with Lazar, Yoel and Naim. We thought we'd be most dangerous playing balls in behind their back line and attacking the space. But at the end of the day, what you gain positionally, you lose in terms of ball control and that's what happened to us. But you have to chase the game".

Lastly, when asked on Juan Muñoz holding the captaincy today: "With Recio and Pardo out, we needed someone to lead technically and we think Juan can step up. Today we tried to be decisive and Quintillà's goal will keep the momementum going. Juan gave his all today and has even more still to give".